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Heavy Weight Bike Tools That Save You From Going to the Bike Store

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What if you need to repair your bike on your own? Already have the suitable type of tools to do it? How about the bigger tools that are needed? While you already have some smaller bike tools of your own, you will need these much better and complete tools so that you can completely skip on going to your bike store.

Clamp for the axle

You will need an axle clamp. With this tool, you can easily repair your wheels and their components like the bearing. Your bike wheel will be held horizontally and the axle will not turn as you open its hub. The axle clamp makes your work on servicing the wheel so much easier.


This is the ball peen hammer, the smaller cousin of the conventional work shop hammer. This is where you need it for performing those extra hard knocks to exert pressure onto certain stubborn parts.

Vice and work bench

If you want to save money, you do not need a work bench. A work bench could cost as much as $100 for an ordinary wooden or metal table. But if you have a table that you can deal damage to in your garage, then save on buying a proper work bench.

Then, use the vice to attach your wheels with the axle clamp. Of course, when repairing, make sure you attach some protective layer (like a paper or hard cover or newspaper) before clamping a component with the vice.

Tools for the bottom bracket

Most bikes today have a cartridge bottom bracket. You could purchase these tools at a low price of $10.

Chain whip

This tool is used for removing a ‘cogset’ cassette. You should wrap the chain whip around the largest cog to stop the cassette from turning. At the same time, you could then loosen the lock ring of the cassette. You could get a chain whip at only $10 to $20, a relatively cheap investment tool.

Crank puller

Like its name suggests, it is used for the crank.

Freewheel removers

This tool might be different for different types of bikes. You could then use it freely to remove your freewheel. But if you cannot find the right one, then it is time to go to the bike shop for a little help.

Cone wrenches

These are particularly useful for repairing your bike hubs. This is because you will need the cone wrenches for loosening or tightening the bearing cones.

Derailleur tab alignment tool

This will be used for adjusting the derailleur back to place, if it is misaligned from a bike crash.

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In Order To Find The Best Bicycle For Your Riding Pleasure Try Using An Online Internet Bike Store

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There are some great bikes around, but you need to be able to find the best deal so that you can get the bike that you want. If you cannot find the bike that you want at a good price at you local bike store then you might have to look further afield. Some of the major bike stores that are in the bigger cities have some very good prices.

But if you are not near to somewhere that they have a store then you still might be able to benefit from their cost savings. Many of the major retailers, as well as having their large stores, also have a catalog that you can buy from at home. Obviously it is better to buy from somewhere that you can test the bike, but if you know what you want then it might be a way to get a good discount on on your new bike.

Another way to save money is to go to an Internet bicycle store. There are a lot of good sites around and some of them can give you very good reductions on the prices of new bikes. Some of the larger Internet bicycle store has a great selection and you can get very good deals on a wide range of bikes. But make sure that you know what you are looking for so that you do not just look at the best deals. If you know what you want, then you can try to find the best price for that bike.

The best-known Internet bicycle store is of course eBay. A lot of the main retailers sell through eBay as well as a lot of small suppliers and some that just sell a few bikes. It is possible to get a really good bargain there if you watch the auction prices carefully. You can also get great used bikes there. If you are looking for a particular bike and are looking for the best price, then this might be worth considering. There are some really good deals to be had through eBay and it is one of the best ways of getting a cheap bike.

There a lot of good places to buy bikes online and if you find a good Internet bicycle store then you can enjoy some really good savings. Of course you need to know what type of bike you want to buy in order to get that best deal on it, so it is a good idea to do some research before you buy.

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